Wine: The Green Revolution

Choosing organic and biodynamic wine is a way to express “green” values. Remember twenty years ago when only health food stores sold organic food and Wonder Bread was a staple? Popular demand has shifted things a lot.

Why are more and more people buying and drinking organic and biodynamic wine?
Because they love:

-authentic aromas and flavors (terroir wine)

-products that are healthy for their bodies

-contributing to the health of the planet

What’s the evidence that “green” is going mainstream?

1) For the third year, March 22-26 VinItaly will host Vivit (read more) an entire section of Terroir Wines, most of which are organic or biodynamic.

2) Two natural wine fairs are held annually just outside VinItaly near Verona: Vini Veri March 20-22, 2015 and VinNatur, March 21-23, 2015.

3) Vini Dei Vignaioli (see post), the original “natural” wine fair in Italy has become a major annual event in November at Fornovo. Christine Marzani founded the fair in 2001 with twelve friends. Since then, it has exploded with a waiting list for vintners who want to exhibit and international buyers crowding in. This year, the group hosted a second event: Live Wine in Milano.

That’s not to mention that very mainstream opinion leaders like Eric Asimov (New York Times) and the Wine Spectator regularly feature organic and biodynamic wine, writing about why it’s outstanding, without specifying that it’s sustainable.

For more information on why the Green Revolution is good for the Earth in addition to be good for the palate, check out these videos.

The film Symphony of the Soil explains the fragility of the thin layer of soil (organic matter) that covers the geological rock below. Industrial farming strips the soil of nutrients and gives us food (and grapes) with less flavor. Think of those tomatoes that look so red but have no taste.

Dirt! The Movie has a similar theme.

The films clearly are a call to action. On an individual level, the best way to support sustainable farming is to buy sustainable products. Wine, The Green Revolution is the best movie I’ve seen that explains specifically how different it is to make wine in harmony with the Nature. The film is long and is French, but it’s fascinating.


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