My mission is to be your personal guide:

inform you about outstanding natural wines…a hand-curated collection since there is no certification or classification or score to identify this kind of wine.

give context to the wines…an inside look at where, how, why and by whom the wines are made.

plan your trip to Italy…uniquely based on my language fluency, experience, friendships and expertise

These wines are:
– made by independent winegrowers
– from native grape varieties
– grown in naturally healthy vineyards
organic, biodynamic, natural
– located in fascinating “terroir
– using “natural” cellar methods.

Why drink these wines?
– quality and taste
– healthier for your body
– better for the Planet
– biodiversity: save native varieties
– originality: not “standard” wine
– authenticity: expression of terroir
– learn about Italian culture + food


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