Vignai Da Duline Morus Nigra 2011: Wine of the Month-March, 2017

I’m kicking off my new Wine of the Month feature with Vignai Da Duline Morus Nigra Venezia Giulia IGT 2011. If you want to learn about Natural Italian Wine, the best way is to begin tasting regularly and keeping notes for yourself.

An elegant version of a local classic from a native variety found only in the northeastern corner of Italy near the Slovenian border.  I took this wine for dinner at the home of wine connoisseurs, who hadn’t ever heard of it. They were blown away. There is definite soulfulness in all Vignai Da Duline wines that comes from allowing the soil, the vines, the grapes and the wine to seek their own natural balance. This wine is medium weight  (13.5% alcohol) with lots of dark, red fruit. It has enough structure (minerality, tannins and acidity) that the 2011 vintage was still full of vitality. It pairs easily with lots of foods: grilled red or even white meat, soups, pasta, cheeses, etc.

Grape Variety: Refosco dal Peduncolo [glossary_exclude] Rosso [/glossary_exclude] Region: Friuli Venezia Giulia
Winegrowers: Lorenzo Mocchiuti and Federica Magrini
Fun Fact: Morus Nigra is the Latin botanical name for Black Mulberry, a tree that grows locally, was once used for making stakes in the vineyards, and that is pictured on the label.
Found on the Back Label: La Poesia-Il Sogno-La Rivoluzione-L’Amore…in translation…Poetry-The Dream-The Revolution-Love
Vineyards: Duline 1996 + Ronco Pittoti 2005
Soil Type: Limestone, Clay, Sandstone, Limestone Flysch–under the sea 50 million years ago
[glossary_exclude] Fermentation [/glossary_exclude] in oak vats and 11 months aging in barriques (max 30% new)
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Lorenzo and Federica reclaimed the hillside Ronco Pittoti vineyard as Federica explains.

The map shows the vineyard location, in between the Julian Alps to the north and the Adriatic to the south.

Ask your local wine shop to order it for you or look on Wine Searcher ($50-60).


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