The Winery: Biodynamic Wines in London’s Little Venice

In a quiet street in Central London, I discovered The Winery, a small shop featuring artisanal wines, many made with biodynamic agricultural methods and quite a few from Italy. Owner David Motion says that he originally choose biodynamic wines, “…because they taste better.” Then, the more he learned about these wines, the more he liked them.

In this interview with Sky News, he explains that biodynamic wines are “alive” and for that reason, they taste different on different days of the lunar calendar. According to that calendar, there are Leaf, Root, Fruit and Flower Days. Fruit and Flower are the best for drinking wine. (To get learn more about the app, read my post.)
David Motion, whose main career has been in music, has owned the shop for nearly twenty years. He and the shop manager, Daniel Towler (pictured here), travel to meet the producers and select the wines. On The Winery website, you can go to the Italian section for photos and travel notes
On the cold November day that I visited the shop, there was a cheerful fire in the hearth at the back of the shop. Daniel explained that they buy small lots from small producers and sell through them quickly. There is always something new on the shelf.
If you are in London, stop by:
4 Clifton Road
London W9 1SS


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