Stunning Summer Red: Ronchi di Cialla Schioppettino

Ronchi di Cialla Schioppettino Colli Orientali DOC, has history and lots of personality. The Rapuzzo family helped save the native variety Schioppettino from extinction and make their wine in the pristine Cialla valley in the northern region of Friuli Venezia Giulia.

vines in valley

Slovenia is on the other side of the hills that enclose the valley (Grey borderline to the right on the map). Hideous trench warfare occurred here during World War I and more battles in World War II. Vine killing phylloxera preceded the devastation of the wars, and Schioppettino (pronounced Ski-oh-peh-tee-no) was almost lost.
Ronchi Di Cialla Map copy
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Paolo and Dina Rapuzzo bought and restored the farmhouse that was in the valley in the early seventies (Older post) They gradually found seventy Schioppettino vines and began the process of bringing the grape variety back with organic growing methods and a philosophy of intervening as little as possible in the cellar.

Of all the Schioppettino wines I’ve tasted, this is my favorite because of the unique terroir. The wine is light (12.5% alcohol) but complex, elegant and balanced: a combination of earthiness, red fruit and pepperiness that I haven’t tasted elsewhere. It was fun serving it to unsuspecting Anglo-American friends last week in Umbria. “What is this? It’s amazing.” was the choral response.

Ronchi Di Cialla
Via Cialla, 47
Cialla di Prepotto
33040 (UD)

Find on wine-searcher or contact the vineyard directly for sales info.

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