Ristorante Zur Rose: Elegant Exhuberance in Alto Adige

Herbert Hintner (Chef) and his wife, Margot Hintner (Wine and Service), love what they do. Lunch at Zur Rose was an experience of the senses: color, taste, aroma, texture, temperature. The Hintners have miraculously blended a feeling of “dining at home” with “modern chic” in not just the atmosphere, but the food.

The restaurant, which has won accolades and prizes (beginning with a Michelin star in 1995), sits quietly in the village of Eppan without calling attention to itself. The building dates from the 12th century, and it has been an inn or restaurant since 1585. In recent history, Margot’s parents owned and ran the restaurant from 1960-85. Then, comes the romance.

Herbert arrived on the scene, married Margot, and they have lovingly run Zur Rose since then.

The food and the wines reflect a strong sense of place (and connection people whom the Hintners know personally). With local products, Herbert works his magic in the kitchen, creating art for the table and pleasure for the palate. He changes the menu by the seasons and by the availability of fresh, local items.

The simplicity of the bread basket and a glass of Pinot Nero DOC Alto Adige gave me the sense of being in a still life painting.

And the meal unfolded…one elegant course after the next.



When I left Zur Rose, I took with me the essence of what I had experienced. Yes, I had eaten extraordinarily good food with a lovely glass of wine. At the same time, I had experienced real beauty. The combination left me with deep satisfaction and looking forward to returning one day to Zur Rose.

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