New Year’s Resolution: Take an Uncorked Trip to Italy

As hard as I try to bring Italy and Italian wine to you via this blog, it’s not the same as the real thing. So, let me plan your trip. Here’s the skinny.

Since 2004 when I started living mostly in Italy, I’ve traveled a lot. My crazy urge to explore and discover has led me to all of the twenty regions of Italy, far beyond the normal tourist routes.

For me and for most Italians, wine is inherently connected to place, people, culture and history. Opening a bottle and tasting wine always leads me to the “story in the bottle”.

I can’t help but get curious about the climate, the geography, and the food, too…

After lots of requests, I finally decided to start helping people plan or even take trips in Italy. I’ve priced my advice according to whether you simply want some advice, or want help booking reservations and making an itinerary or whether you (or your group) want me to accompany you on a custom trip. Read more…


Your trip can be very wine oriented or not at all. It can be modestly priced, full-blown luxury or something in between. The one thing all my trips have in common is that they are designed to give people the chance to experience the “real” Italy as opposed to jostling from one tourist destination to the next.

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