Il Silene: Summer Lunch on the Monte Amiata in Tuscany

Roberto Rossi, who recently won a Michelin Star, serves elegant simplicity at his historic restaurant, Il Silene, in Seggiano.

On one of the hottest days of the summer, I stopped for lunch that began with a salad of organic vegetables just picked from the garden. It was light, fresh, and full of the delicate flavors that come from growing at high altitude in volcanic soil.

I had Roberto’s signature tortelloni with spinach and ricotta, followed by this cool, fresh fruit salad. The tiny, handmade tortellini were filled with warm chocolate.

The meal was accompanied by a glass of Case Coste Piano prosecco, one of my favorites. According to traditions that predate today’s mass production of prosecco, the second fermentation (that gives the wine its bubbles) occurs in the bottle. The spent yeasts remain, protecting the wine from spoiling and giving a range of delicate aromas.

Desserts were tempting, but I chose coffee with handmade pastry and artisan chocolate.

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