Holiday Tasting in the States

What do you do when the holidays are approaching? Worry? Shop? Cook? Wrap?
Or take a break to taste organic and biodynamic wines?
Twenty women with little knowledge of Italian wine came for a tasting evening in the elegant home of Nancy Ireland, who writes A Sharp Eye. (Today’s post on minimalist holiday gifts is fabulous.)

After sipping on a white, sparkling wine as they arrived, the ladies sat down to places, each set with four red wines to taste.

All were made from unusual native grape varieties: no Pinot Grigio, Cabernet or even Sangiovese. After explaining some wine tasting basics, I left the guests to swirl, sniff, taste and let the wine “speak” to them. Without knowing where the wines were from, how they were made, or the names of the producers, they had to trust their own senses and sensations.

With just a few tips on how to “read” the “story in the bottle”, the ladies dove right in.

At the end of the evening, I explained how deeply Italian wine is tied to people and place: terroir. I revealed the wines, four of which I have recently written about Occhipinti, COS, Foradori and Ronco Severo.

I’m about to write up the fifth, Case Coste Piane. Without spoiling all the secrets, I will just say that it’s a wine made from Prosecco grapes with a very traditional method in which the spent yeasts are left in the bottle.

If you’re interested in doing a tasting event, contact me.

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