When to Drink Wine

While I was in Sicily, Cirò Biondi showed me a fascinating app that tells you whether you’ll get the most out of your wine today or if you consider waiting for a more auspicious time. The app is based on 55 years of research into biodynamic rhythms by Maria Thun, who made calculations according to lunar and solar cycles, star constellations and movements of the planets for her annual Biodynamic Calendar. You can still buy the annual calendar (Link), or now, the app.(When Wine App), both are updated yearly by her son since her death in 2012.

The theory behind the calendar/app is that there are different kinds of energy on: Root Days, Leaf Days, Fruit Days and Flower days. The best for drinking wine seem to be Fruit and Flower Days. Even though this sounds kooky, people are gathering anecdotal and more scientific research that seems to support the theory.

With the App, you can look both at a given day (above) and a given week (below). To me, it all makes sense. I’ve already noticed the difference of my own “energy” and how different a wine can taste if I’m happy and relaxed, tired and frustrated, in a romantic mood, etc….so I’m sure the “energy” of the universe makes a difference, too.

The app is free. If you try it and like it, you can buy the annual calendar for 99 cents.


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