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Bar Mezzana: Pairing Modern Excellence with Italian Organic Wine in Boston

Within weeks of meeting Eleonora Costa of Crealto at Vini Dei Vignaioli, the natural Italian wine fair near Parma… I found her wine at the hip, new Bar Mezzana in Boston’s South End. It was listed among other natural Italian wines I’ve written about like Elisabetta Foradori Manzoni Bianco and Granato, Eugenio Bocchino Barolo, Arianna […]


Cavallotto: Tradition of Barolo Wines Made Naturally

On their historic estate in the heart of the Barolo zone, Giuseppe, Alfio and Laura Cavallotto use organic/natural viticulture and natural cellar practices. They are fourth generation in their family to make wine here, following their father, Olivio, and uncle, Gildo, who were outliers in the 1960s when they began researching and experimenting with these […]


Barolo Boys: The Power & Effects of International Wine Marketing

“Barolo Boys” (2014) is a documentary about the Barolo “boom” in the nineties. The strength of the film is its success in chronicling how a group of family owned wineries (7 men + 1 woman)* changed the historical character of their wines for marketing purposes and what happened as a result. The story is important […]