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Forage: The Pleasure of Fresh Food and Italian Natural Wine in Cambridge

The European style of Stan Hilbert’s new farm-to-table restaurant¬†in Cambridge is elegant but low key. Fresh, local organic food and wine pairs with a wine list that leans heavily toward Italian and French. But there isn’t a scrap of snootiness, just fun and pleasure. What would you like to try? The major players (left to […]


Natural Wine: In Defense of Culture, Agriculture + Freedom

In his provocative and fascinating book, Cultural Insurrection, Jonathon Nossiter explains how in the last ten years independent winegrowers making natural wine have “succeeded in staging a small, calm revolution”* As individuals without an institutionalized organization, they have spontaneously created a model for protecting culture, diversity and freedom. It works because a tiny alternative market […]


When Italian Wine Is Like Trying On A New Pair Of Jeans

Any wine has structure (some combination of acidity, tannins and minerality) balanced out by softness (alcohol, glycerol and in sweet wines, sugar). Since Italian wine is made to go with food and often also made to age, it typically has more structure than softness. It’s like jeans that you have trouble zipping yourself into in […]