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To My Surprise: Learning to Make Organic Focaccia and Pasta

I never expected Italian wine to lead me into the kitchen, a place I’ve never felt comfortable or adept. But two women chefs and the local, organic flour mill, Mulino di Val D’Orcia, have inspired me. To my surprise, I’m finding out that it’s much easier to make focaccia and pasta than I thought. Having […]


Roccalini: New Generation Making "Old" Barbaresco

Paolo Veglio has some of the most precious land and vineyards in Barbaresco, but only about four of his 20 hectares are planted with vines. “There are a lot of ways I could make more money,” he told me, “but that’s not what I set out to do.” Instead, his goal is to grow grapes […]


Going, going, gone…Foradori Granato 2004

I still don’t know exactly how it happened, but there was nothing left except the empty bottle. Two foodie friends came for dinner, and we were going to take photos of the food, the wine and the table…but it didn’t happen. The wine was too good. The food and the sunset took a back seat. […]