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Aracne: Weaving Tuscan tradition with modern style

The Sienese hill town of Pienza is home to Aracne (Arachne in English) a unique weaving boutique run by the mother/son team of Paola Perugini and Mattia Giovannoni. Named for Arachne in the Greek myths, who was turned into a spider when she challenged Athena to a weaving contest, the workshop is deeply grounded in […]


Pasta Madre for Easter Cakes

Francesco Costanza, the chef and owner of Pasta Madre near Porta Romana in Milan. (Via Bernardino Corio 8, Milan +39 02 55190020) describes himself as a Sicilian who happens to live in Milan. For many years, he was a photo journalist in war zones, then made a complete change when he moved to Milan to […]


Pasta Fresca in Camogli

This morning, I stopped in Fiorella’s Fresh Pasta shop in Camogli. She and her assistants were just starting to make Panzotti, a local specialty. Watching them make each piece by hand was a reminder of why this pasta tastes the way it does. It’s the best I’ve ever had anywhere and it’s right here in […]